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7 tips to get 32k traffic per month from Pinterest

Here are some tips to get get 32k traffic from Pinterest 1. Rich images Quality. Quality. Quality First you must create amazing images or...

Here are some tips to get get 32k traffic from Pinterest

1. Rich images

Quality. Quality. Quality

First you must create amazing images or rich contents to share on Pinterest.

2. Use hashtags.

Yes that’s right. Similar to Twitter, Pinterest has a tagging system using the same hashtag method. Use hashtags in the descriptions of your pins so that even more people can find them. It’s a great way to have your Pinterest account and pins discovered by people searching through related content. Keep in mind that the people who find these pins will be very interested in them too because of the way they found them.

3. Engage on Pinterest

Like any good social marketer, you need to engage with your Followers. This is true when you want to turn your Pinners into your blog readers, too. The more you engage with people on Pinterest, the more likely they’ll also want to connect with you on your blog, and other sites.
So how do you engage on Pinterest? There’s lots of ways to get to know your market better on Pinterest, and for your market to get to know you better too.

Here are a few tips to engage on Pinterest:
  • Pin good, original and relevant content
  • Pin often and consistently so your Pins get seen in your Followers’ feeds
  • Return the favour and follow your Followers
  • Check out your Followers’ Boards and Pins for good content ideas they like
  • Ask questions that are answered in your blog
  • RePin, like and comment on your Followers’ Pins, when you really think they’re great
  • RePin industry leaders, and other great content your Followers will like

4. Follow

You can follow 300 people per day, then some one can refollow you.

Pls note that you should follow potential clients.

5. Make it easy for people to find you.

Update your “Search Privacy” to allow your boards and profile to appear in search engine results. Be sure you fill out the description sections of your boards and pins so that users searching can find you too.

6. Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes are a little bit similar to Pinterest board groups except they are located on the Tailwind App. Tailwind is a Pinterest Scheduler that pins your content automatically throughout the day so that you aren’t spending hours pinning manually. I actually prefer to pin my content manually using the Pinteresting Strategies method but I still pay for a subscription to Tailwind so I can schedule from the Tailwind Tribes and make use of their amazing analytics.

If you are not currently a user of Tailwind and are interested in checking it out, this link will give you a free month trial with no strings attached.

Tribes are a free feature of Tailwind and are great to use in combination with the Pinterest group boards. They work almost exactly the same as the group boards.
  • Request an invite to a tribe
  • Pin your content to the tribe
  • Repin other people’s content (normally on a 1:1 basis)
  • Gain exposure by other bloggers repinning your content

7. Facebook Sharing Groups

Facebook groups are one of my favorite ways to grow blog traffic through Pinterest. There are tons of Facebook groups run by bloggers for bloggers and many of them have sharing days where you can promote your content.

Post a link to a pin in the Facebook Sharing thread

Reciprocate by repinning a certain number of other pins to your boards. 5 is the most common number. 

You normally have 24 hours in which to reciprocate. 

How to Join Facebook Sharing groups: below are the links a  few of my favorite sharing groups. Bear in mind that you may get more engagement in groups specifically focussed on your niche if it is a bit unusual.

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