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10 tips to get 2 million views per month on your YouTube channel

oday I would like to introduce you some tips to develop your  YouTube  channel. Here are the tips that helped me earn 7800 USD  / month fro...

oday I would like to introduce you some tips to develop your YouTube channel. Here are the tips that helped me earn 7800 USD / month from 2 channels: fitness and dating on YouTube.

1.Keyword research

If you're not good at talking or you do not have a good voice ... it's hard to make a viral video. Luckily, there is another solution, that is you build video by keyword. For example if you create a YouTube channel on job search, the main keywords are job search, cover letter, resume, interview questions ... Then you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to decide the number of searches of the keywords monthly.

For example, you could create an average video about phone interview questions. However, to create compelling videos, you can select video titles that contain keywords, such as: top 10 phone interview questions and answers. Then your job is to SEO that video, which help this video rank high on YouTube for the keyword: phone interview questions.

2. Content is king

In my opinion, this is the most important criterion for your success.

To succeed on YouTube, you must produce quality content, and a lot of it. I go live twice a week, but also re-edit the footage to produce highlight reels each day. My subscribers get constant notifications featuring new and repackaged content. The rumors about millennials having short attention spans are true! You must consistently provide your viewers with a reason to check in.

Thank youtube gives us a tool to evaluate the quality of the video, which is youtube analytics. To determine the quality of the video, you must pay attention to Audience Retention index. YouTube’s Audience Retention (also known as Viewer Retention) is the percentage length of your video that viewers watched. For example, if you upload a video that is exactly two minutes long and someone watched it for 30 seconds, you’d have a retention rate of 25%. If someone else watched the video for a minute and a half, he would have a retention of 75%, and the video would have an average retention rate of 50%.

3. Don’t forget to do SEO on your videos

If you want your videos to actually rank on YouTube (which allows viewers to find you), you need to do a bit more than just upload your content.

I know so many YouTubers who shoot really great videos, but they don’t help their content rank on YouTube. Filming and editing may be 90% of the work, but it’s the final 10% that’s going to allow people to find you.

What does this mean?

1) Give your video a descriptive title.

You want something that explains exactly what your video is about and gets keywords in the title. “VLOG #1: Alohaaaaaa!!!!!” is not so great, but “Driving the road to Hana in Maui” might actually get you somewhere.

2) Use tags.

Tags are keywords that will help people find your video. Since we’re rolling with the example of “Driving the road to Hana in Maui”, you could use keywords like: Hana highway, road trip, scenic drive, coastal drive, Maui, Hawaii, travel. Get the picture?

3) Write a description.

Tell me what your video is about. Better yet, tell YouTube what your video is about. That little description box under your video gives you plenty of room to write a search engine-friendly description, so don’t be sparse with your words.

4. Get more views to your videos

Generating more traffic to your videos is one of the best ways for your SEO videos to rank high on YouTube search results.

The ways to create multiple videos for video are: video sharing on social networks, embed video, comments on related videos ...

You can refer to the article: 24 ways to increase YouTube video views

5. Ask Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel Everywhere You Can

At the end of your videos, tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel. One common technique is to create an “end slate” for every one of your videos where you ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and to check out some of your other videos.

On Facebook, tell your followers to subscribe to your channel. Do the same on Twitter and Instagram. Do this on your website, too. Don’t be shy. You’re creating terrific content, right? So tell your viewers how to get more of it.

6. Engage Your Audience Via Comments

Don’t be a nameless and faceless entity. Audiences on YouTube want to connect with their favorite channels. One simple way to do this is to engage in the comments section of your videos. Yes, this can be time consuming. But anything worth doing is worth doing right.

7. Title Your Videos with Search Engines and Humans in Mind

The same SEO techniques that you’re using on your web pages apply to your video titles. Include a keyword, but make sure the title is enticing to a human.

Also, the first two lines of your video’s description are usually shown on YouTube’s search results. Make those two lines count.

8. Listen to your viewers.

I give my viewers many ways to contact me, including live chat during streams, YouTube comments, our forum, website, etc. I read every single message.

Recently, a few fans complained that they dislike when we reveal the amount of the jackpot in the video’s title card, so now we take a more suspenseful approach.

9. Design Thumbnails That Pop

Thumbnails, along with the title of your video, are really all you have to market your video (until you start to build an audience).

Sure, YouTube uses your video’s description and tags in its search index. But on the results page, where you’re competing with all of the other videos available for viewers to watch, your title and thumbnail are all you have to separate yourself. So make sure your thumbnail stands out.

Check out the YouTube search result for “pranks.” When I do this, I am drawn most to the thumbnails with the large text on them.

Other tips include using a face as well as designing simple images with only a few elements, a solid (and bright) background color, and a solitary foreground image that pops off the page. Check out some of these examples.

The bottom line is that you should never use one of the suggested thumbnail images that YouTube provides when you upload your video. You should be designing them yourself.

10. Learn from pro YouTubers

You can study from the following courses:

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